Winter Skincare Must-Haves

You may think most skincare must-haves are essential in the summer, but the winter has its own needs as well. Learn about how your skin changes with the seasons! Dryer, more flakey skin is expected, and it is essential to learn how to handle it. Everyone’s skin is unique; take the time to understand what winter skincare products are best for you.

Your Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter skincare can be a lifesaver for anyone’s skin. The cold weather leaves the perfect opportunity to find new moisturizing and hydrating products. You should not have to worry about dry skin this winter season! You may even establish an easy change routine from season to season.


Sunscreen is not just for the summer! The damaging rays of the sun are year-round. Since that is the case, finding a great sunscreen is a success you can celebrate the entire year. Using a broad spectrum SPF of at least 15 is essential to protect your skin against the rays. With all sunscreens available, we can help you find the ideal match on our online store.

According to the Mayo Clinic, you should be applying the initial sunscreen generously and reapply every two hours. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Keep that in mind when deciding on your sunscreen routine every day.


The most crucial change winter skincare brings is the need to hydrate your skin. Winter brings cold weather that dries out your skin and can change its feeling in a short amount of time. Starting with an ointment can be the best for skin drying to the point of being raw.

There are three categories of moisturizers to consider:

  • Ointments – contain oil 
  • Creams – contain oil and water 
  • Lotions – contain water 

Once you decide what moisturizer is best for you, your dry skin will feel better already.

Hydrating Cleanser

Switch out your cleanser for the perfect option in winter skincare! Cleansers are a daily part of your skincare routine. In the winter, you need to ensure that the cleanser you use isn’t drying out skin that is already getting dry in the weather.

Even those with usually oily skin face drier times in the winter. This leaves even those searching for a more hydrating cleanser as part of their winter skincare.

Overnight Moisturizer Treatment

While the daily moisturizer is essential, your nighttime routine can also change for the winter. There are many overnight moisturizer treatments to choose from. You don’t even have to think about it once the treatment is on. You have to sleep in it! Winter skincare can even be an excellent time to create a nighttime routine if you don’t have one already. It can be a simple act at the end of the night that makes your dry skin thank you in the morning.


While this might not be a skincare product, a humidifier can do wonders for your skin in the winter. The Mayo Clinic defines the ideal humidity level in a home as between 30% and 50%. In the winter, humidity levels decrease. That leaves humidifiers to bring back the evenness with the ideal levels.

Skip Hot Showers

With the winter weather already drying you out, it is vital to ensure your shower isn’t doing the same. Passing up on hot showers can give your skin a break. Hot showers are depleting your natural oils in a way that lukewarm showers don’t.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate

Once the skin is dry, exfoliating it can get the fresh skin back to the surface. The dead skin cells go away, and the moisturizers and cleansers have more chance of soaking deeper into the skin. While it does not have to be as often, the switch to a gentler exfoliator can keep your winter skincare routine on its tracks.

Don’t forgo the importance of winter skincare! These products can be the best additions to your life for the perfect winter skin. As the seasons change, let your routine change with them. It is always a good time to create a better skincare routine. Do you have questions about the best products for your winter skincare? Give us a call at (919) 781-1050.

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