Microneedling (aka Collagen Induction Therapy) is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that stimulates collagen production, revitalizing your skin by reducing signs of aging and improving the appearance of scars for a refreshed, youthful glow.

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Microneedling in the US

Microneedling is a cosmetic skin procedure that involves using a device with fine needles to puncture the skin and create micro-injuries.  This process triggers the body’s natural healing response, producing new collagen and elastin, the two key proteins responsible for skin firmness, elasticity, and texture.  The result is smoother, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin.

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Microneedling Benefits

One of the principal advantages of microneedling is its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars.  The procedure can also improve skin texture by reducing the appearance of age spots, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.  Additionally, microneedling can help to tighten the skin, making it look firmer and more youthful.

Another advantage of microneedling is that it can be used in combination with other treatments, such as medical-grade skincare and serums, to enhance their effectiveness.  This is because the micro-injuries created by the procedure increase the skin’s permeability, allowing topical products to penetrate deeper into the dermis (skin), where they can have a greater impact.

Who is a good candidate for microneedling?

A good candidate for microneedling is someone with generally healthy skin who is looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture and tone.  People with mild to moderate skin concerns, such as aging skin, dull skin, and uneven skin tone, are typically good candidates for the procedure.

It is recommended to consult with one of our microneedling experts before undergoing microneedling to determine if it is the right treatment for your skin concerns and goals.  Our aesthetic team can also advise on the best course of action, including downtime, the number of treatments needed, and any precautions you should take before and after the procedure.

Our Microneedling Solution

At Blue Ridge Dermatology, we use the best-in-class microneedling device, the SkinPen.  It uses very fine, adjustable needles to create micro-injuries in the skin.  Some advantages of the SkinPen over other microneedling treatments include the following:

  1. Precision: The adjustable needle depth allows for precise treatment of specific areas and skin conditions.
  2. Safety: The SkinPen has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.
  3. Speed: The SkinPen’s motorized operation allows faster treatment times than manual microneedling devices.
Microneedling on Face

Expert Dermatology Care for the Entire Family

Microneedling Side Effects

Microneedling is considered a minimally invasive procedure that has a low risk of side effects.  At Blue Ridge Dermatology, the most common side effects we encounter are mild redness, swelling, and tenderness, which typically resolve within a few days.  

It is important to note that microneedling is not appropriate for everyone.  People with certain medical conditions, such as skin disorders, bleeding disorders, or immune disorders, should avoid the procedure.  Additionally, people with active acne or other skin infections should wait until their skin has cleared before undergoing microneedling.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling

  1. Is microneedling painful?  Microneedling can cause mild discomfort, but the level of pain varies from person to person.  Some individuals describe the sensation as similar to a mild sunburn, while others say it feels like a light scratching or pinching.  Topical anesthetics can be used to reduce discomfort during the procedure.
  2. When can I expect to see results from microneedling?  Results from a microneedling treatment can be seen as soon as a few days after the first treatment, with improvement continuing over the following weeks as new collagen and elastin are created.  However, the number of treatments needed and the overall timeline for results will vary depending on individual skin concerns and goals.
  3. How often should I have microneedling treatments?  The frequency of microneedling treatments will depend on individual skin concerns and goals and the depth of the needle used during the procedure.  Generally, treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with a series of 3-6 treatments recommended for best results.

Expert Dermatology Care for the Entire Family

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is a safe and effective cosmetic skin procedure that can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.  However, it is not appropriate for everyone, and it is important to consult with an expert before undergoing the procedure.  At Blue Ridge Dermatology, we are experts in facial treatments like microneedling and have years of experience delivering natural-looking results for individuals just like you. 

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