New Year’s Resolution: Tips For Healthier Skin

The New Year is a great time to assess your current lifestyle and make healthy adjustments where you see fit. With 2023 right around the corner, why not make this year the one for healthier skin? Beauty trends come and go, but we can assure you that healthy skin never goes out of style.

Ring In The New Year With Healthier Skin

We all have busy lives, but let’s face it— a little extra time goes a long way. Blue Ridge Dermatology is committed to providing you with expert advice to help you reach your skincare goals. To help you achieve great-looking skin in 2023, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips for healthier skin.

Use SPF Every Day

One of the best ways to ensure healthier, younger-looking skin is to apply sunscreen every single day. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays and slows down the skin’s aging process. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests looking for a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30 (or higher), and water resistance.

Moisturize In The Morning And Evening

Not only does moisturizing reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it also traps moisture in the skin and can keep your appearance bright and more youthful. For healthier skin, ensure you are moisturizing every morning and evening. When choosing a moisturizer, try to avoid ingredients such as parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Did you know the AAD recommends washing your makeup brushes every 7 to 10 days? Not cleaning them regularly increases the likelihood of harmful bacteria lingering on the brushes, which can then be transferred to your face. Even when regularly washing your makeup brushes, it’s recommended to replace your brushes every 1 to 3 years.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. For healthier skin this year, ensure you are gently exfoliating regularly. A few ways to exfoliate your skin at home include using a washcloth, a natural sponge, or a face scrub. If using a scrub, apply the product gently in small circular motions for roughly 30 seconds, then rinse off. Remember never to exfoliate if you have sunburn or open cuts and wounds!

Don’t Forget To Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Looking for healthier skin in 2023? Don’t forget to remove your makeup before bed! Although it may be tempting to jump straight into bed after a long day, this can lead to breakouts, signs of premature aging, drying of the skin, and can even infect your eyes. Check out Blue Ridge’s online store for some dermatologist-approved cleansers!

Consistency Is Key

You’ve heard the statement before, but it holds true when it comes to healthier skin— consistency is key! By using SPF every day, moisturizing, exfoliating, taking off makeup before bed, and washing your makeup brushes regularly, you are setting yourself up for success! Although it can feel overwhelming to maintain these healthy habits at times, it’s worth it for younger-looking, healthier skin!

The waking up of a new year is a great chance to set goals to hold yourself accountable. Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is sure to start you off on the right foot in 2023. Blue Ridge Dermatology is proud to offer medical and cosmetic dermatological services that can aid you in getting the results you want. If you are interested in seeing one of our team members or have more questions on how to achieve healthier skin, call our office today at 919-781-1050.

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