Acne Treatment Options for High School and College Students

If your high school or college student is struggling with acne, there are a variety of ways they can achieve clearer skin and boost their confidence before they return to school. Here at Blue Ridge Dermatology, we recommend the following tips for high school and college students who would like to start this new school year off with the healthy, acne-free skin they deserve.

Keep Skin Clean at All Times

Most students know the importance of washing their faces once they wake up. However, if they are tired from a night out and fall asleep with a face full of makeup, they can make their acne worse. By ensuring their skin is clean day and night, your student can reduce the risk of clogged pores and enjoy fewer breakouts as a result.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep is an easy and effective way for students to improve their acne. Since increased sebum production, which can cause acne, is associated with hormonal imbalances, sleeping for 7 to 8 hours each night can help your student balance their hormones.

Although studying, extracurricular activities and social events may get in the way of a good night’s sleep every so often, encourage your student to make sleep a priority.

Eat Healthy

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is vital for managing acne-prone skin. While your student does not have to alter their entire diet, they should make an effort to reduce the amount of processed foods, baked snacks, refined grains, and sugary treats they eat. Fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains should be consumed as much as possible.

Be Mindful When Purchasing Makeup

Makeup can help female students cover up their acne and feel more confident. However, it may also cause acne. Make sure your daughter keeps her brushes, sponges, and other makeup tools clean, as oils can build up on the m and lead to breakouts. It’s also important for her to only purchase fragrance-free, non-comedogenic makeup.

Visit a Dermatologist

If lifestyle changes have not improved your student’s acne, take to them to our office. We offer a variety of acne treatment options that can do wonders for their skin. Some examples of the safe and effective treatments available at our office include topical treatments that can be applied directly to the skin, antibiotics, and procedures such as chemical peels and lasers.

Schedule an Appointment at Blue Ridge Dermatology

If your son or daughter would like to ensure they are on the right track with their acne treatment plan before they head to school, schedule an appointment at our office today.

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