5 Myths About Skincare

Skincare as a sector of the beauty industry seems to have exploded over the past several years. Adolescents, young adults, and adults alike pay more attention to their skin health and go above and beyond to find products that fit their individual needs and concerns. Social media platforms tend to make the “greatest” skincare hacks, ingredients, or products go viral. The fact is that a lot of skincare advice doesn’t work, and some skincare myths can even cause harm.

5 Skincare Myths, Debunked

Skincare is a personal, subjective thing. What works for some people doesn’t for others, and a lot of the advice out there is based on myth. At Blue Ridge Dermatology, we want to ensure you are equipped with factual information on how to take care of your skin best. Here are five common skincare myths– and why they’re false.

Myth #1: Your Pores Can Open And Close

Have you ever heard someone say that steaming your face opens your pores? Unfortunately, as neat as it would be, pores don’t open and close like a door. Instead, according to Health.com, the correct terminology would be “dilating,” or becoming stretched out, which can occur due to several factors such as age, temperature, and genetics. Additionally, pores can appear to be enlarged when they become clogged with dirt and oil. Instead of focusing on “closing” your pores, try and clear out your clogged pores with something like a salicylic acid face wash.

Myth #2: The More Expensive, The Better

In general, expensive doesn’t always equal better, and this is also the case when it comes to skincare products. Expensive skin care products may only have a higher price tag due to marketing, packaging, or their position in the marketplace. In fact, they may contain the same or similar ingredients to their affordable counterparts. Although some products are worth the additional money, a general rule of thumb is to find a product with ingredients that you know work for your skin.

Myth #3: A Base Tan Will Prevent A Sunburn

As the summer approaches, it’s time to stock up on sunscreen, whether you have a base tan or not. According to the Mayo Clinic, very little evidence suggests having a base tan protects you from getting a sunburn. Your skin darkens as a way to protect your body from the sun, meaning a tan is essentially a visual sign of damaged skin. It is important to remember that a base tan should not act as a substitute for sun protection.

Myth #4: Dark Eye Circles Mean You’re Sleep Deprived

Dark circles are a common complaint, as they often give a tired and depleted look. Many people will try topical cosmetics to rid of dark circles. However, it is important to understand the cause before seeking treatment. Although sleep deprivation can contribute to dark circles under the eyes, this is not the only cause. One of the most common contributors to dark eye circles is age. As you age, collagen is lost, and the skin underneath your eyes thins. This leads to blood vessels being more visible under the eyes, giving off that “dark” appearance. Another cause of dark circles is genetics. Dark circles can be a physical trait that is inherited. Other common causes of dark circles under the eyes include dehydration, allergies, eye strain, and smoking.

Myth #5: Not Washing Your Face Leads To Acne

This one is certain to raise some eyebrows. Washing or not washing your face does not in itself cause or prevent acne, but instead is more of a preventative measure. According to the Mayo Clinic, acne occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. In addition, hormones can play a large role, especially in women. So while washing your face twice a day is recommended and does help to clear out clogged pores, it will not rid your skin of acne.

If you have questions about properly taking care of your skin, we are here to help. Blue Ridge Dermatology is proud to offer medical and cosmetic dermatological services that can aid you in getting the results you want and steer you away from skincare myths. If you are interested in seeing one of our team members, call our office today at 919-781-1050.

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