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12 Things that Are Aging Your Skin

Aging is a top skin concern among many adults, both male and female. Time marches on no matter what we do, but there are steps we can all take to slow our skin’s aging process or improve its appearance. You can consult your dermatologist for possible treatment options if you have specific concerns, but you

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3 Most Common Types of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, with an estimated one in five Americans developing skin cancer in their lifetime. First and foremost, it’s important to know that certain factors may increase your risk, but skin cancer can affect people of all races and skin colors. Secondly, you should take the

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What You Need to Know About Rosacea

There are an estimated 16 million Americans who suffer from the signs and symptoms of rosacea, with millions more in temporary remission. The skin condition involves the swelling of the veins under the skin, which produce a red rash. Chronic inflammation affects the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Pimples and pustules may also occur, and

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6 Daily Skincare Routine Steps

Taking care of your skin every day can help keep it healthy and improve its appearance. The proper daily skincare routine can also prevent skin issues down the line. But what should you be doing to care for your skin each day? Your Daily Skincare Routine Everyone’s skin is different, so your exact daily skincare

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The Top 5 Causes of Skin Rashes

It’s a safe bet that most people have experienced more than one skin rash in their lives. From birth to old age, rashes affect everyone. They can be itchy, irritating, annoying, or downright painful. Many people are also bothered by how they look. When you talk to a dermatologist about your issues with skin rashes,

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7 Healthier Skin Resolutions

When a new year rolls around, many people use it as an opportunity to make changes in their life. New Year’s resolutions can often be too ambitious and hard to follow. However, we’ve come up with seven resolutions for healthier skin that are simple and easy to do. Habits for Healthier Skin in 2021 By

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Holiday Season Skincare Tips

For many, the most wonderful time of year can be the worst time of year for skin health. With changes in weather, increased stress, and more alcohol and sweets than usual, the holiday months can quickly lead to breakouts and a number of other skin issues. So, in order to help you maintain great holiday

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3 Most Common Skin Issues (And How to Treat Them)

Skin issues can be a difficult challenge for most people, affecting everything from self-esteem to the quality of daily life. And many of those with skin issues face the same common culprits. But, just because these conditions are common does not mean they are always easier to treat. In fact, surprisingly, they can be some

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4 Healthy Skin Tips for All Ages

With Healthy Aging Month emerging in September, it’s important to know a few things that can help with the appearance and health of your skin. Introducing certain habits and products into your daily routine is a must if you want clear, youthful-looking, healthy skin. These tips are useful for people with all skin types. 1.

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