At Blue Ridge Dermatology Associates, PA, we specialize in the treatment of acne, rashes, cysts, warts, and other lesions. If you have been suffering from a skin condition, schedule an appointment with one of our expert dermatologists today. We believe that no one should have to suffer from a painful or bothersome skin condition such as acne, rashes, cysts, warts, and other lesions.


The most common skin condition in the United States, acne can affect anyone at any age. Acne is caused by a clogged skin pore as the result of the shedding of dead skin cells. Although most often people consider acne to be on the face, it can also appear on the back, chest, shoulders, neck, upper arms, and buttocks.

Although there are numerous types of over the counter acne treatments on the market, at times a dermatologist is needed to help clear up hard to beat acne. Your dermatologist will determine the best treatment method  for your type of acne.

Treatment for acne may include:

  • Topical treatments applied directly to the skin
  • Oral treatments such as antibiotics
  • Procedures such as lasers, chemical peels, and acne removal

For more information on acne, view our acne page.


Skin rashes can appear as red, bumpy, scaly, and even itchy patches of skin. Rashes vary in appearance, size, and severity, but the good news is that most rashes are temporary. Often times a rash is caused by contact with a certain allergen or as a reaction to a medication and will clear when use of the allergen ceases.

Most rashes are able to be treated at home, without a visit to the doctor. However, if you are experiencing a rash that fails to clear on its own, a visit to a dermatologist is recommended. A rash that does not clear may be an indicator of a skin condition or an underlying medical condition.

Treatment for a rash will vary based on the cause of the rash. At Blue Ridge Dermatology, our doctors prefer to treat rashes by eliminating the underlying cause, thus eliminating the chance for a recurrence.

More information on rashes can be found on our rash page.


Cysts are sac-like structures in the skin that can be filled with fluid  or semisolid substances and occur on the face, body, or scalp. The three main types of cysts are milia, epidermoid and pilar. Although usually harmless, if you notice a cyst that has developed on your skin, you should visit our office to get it properly diagnosed and ensure that it is benign rather than the sign of an underlying medical condition.

The treatment of cysts depend on their size, location, and severity. At Blue Ridge Dermatology, we offer several treatment options for cysts including:

  • Cortisone injections that will shrink the targeted tissue
  • Drainage which involves squeezing out the contents of cysts with a sharp tool
  • Surgical removal which is when the cysts are entirely excised and local anesthesia is administered

For detailed information on cysts, please review our cysts page.


Warts may appear on the skin as small, flesh-like bumps. They are caused by a virus known as the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV for short. Due to the ease in which warts spread, treatment is usually recommended. It is important to note that the wart virus, HPV, is not curable. Therefore, regardless of the type of therapy, you are likely to continue to get new warts and experience the recurrence of old warts.

Treatment for warts vary based on the type of wart you have been diagnosed with. Common types of warts include the common wart, plantar wart, and flat wart. Treatment options range from topical creams and liquid nitrogen to surgical removal.

For detailed information on treatment options for warts, please visit our warts page.

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If you are suffering from acne, rashes, cysts, warts, and other lesions, schedule an appointment with one of our skin experts today for evaluation. Our dermatologists will diagnose your condition and devise a treatment plan that gets to the root of your underlying condition.